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BTW: Winter Blazer for Men

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BTW Unveils its Winter Blazer for Men 2020 Collection for Those Who Want the Very Best in Fashion

What Exactly are Blazers?

Who does not love wearing jackets? Especially during winters. Jackets are such a convenience and they are a stylish piece of clothing for both men and women. We are not talking about the regular jackets that make you look like a rebel, that you already are, we are talking about blazers for men which you can wear to formal or semi-formal gatherings, a formal rebel shall we say. 

So if you want one of these exclusive pieces, BTW brings to you an amazing variety as it launches its winter 2020 collection. Log on to our site and check the winter fashion for men that will surely impress you.

Blazers Never Get Outdated

It’s amazing how fashion has evolved in the last few years, new trends and styles of clothing are introduced in almost every season and by the next they are gone, but there are some things which would always remain in trend one way or the other. Blazers are one of them. Men in blazers always look handsome, provided they can carry it with confidence and style. Wearing it gives men a dressy business look and exudes sophistication. 

This year BTW introduces new trends in blazers that will keep men warm and make them look classy as well. The variety we have is impressive and the styles unique. So check out our men's winter clothing options and get ready to shop for the cold season.

Blazer are a Must-Have

The versatility and comfort of blazers has made them a permanent part of everyone’s wardrobe. We bet there won’t be any man who doesn’t own some classy blazers. Starting off as a jacket for marine clubs, blazers have taken over every culture and in so many different styles. Made from linen, cotton, wool, tweed or mixed polymers, you can choose from a whole variety of them according to your taste and you can use them with almost every other piece of clothing. It’s timeless appeal makes it a practical piece to have. So investing in this piece of clothing is worth it, since it can go last for years and it is best to go for a classic style. 

If you are looking for stylish blazers for men then you are at the right place. Our online store will provide you amazing choices that will make it hard for you to make your selection. 

Which cloth?

Each cloth type would offer you a different look and a different feeling. It also obviously depends on the weather. Nobody would want to wear a tweed blazer in summers. Cotton blazers are cool, not just the look but the feel also. They are an essential piece of summer attire which you can wear to, well, anywhere you want, but we would categorize them as smart casual and would fall in the casual blazer for men category. Best style matching would be with T-shirts or full sleeves casual shirts, smart casual cotton pants or jeans, sneakers or moccasins.

Tweed Blazers

On the other hand, you have tweed which is a thick cloth with a rugged look and used for stitching winter blazers. You a golfer, you a hunter, or just an outdoor sort of a guy, or none, you would definitely want a blazer made of tweed in your wardrobe. They come in a number of shades and would look great with a pair of jeans or thick cotton pants and a golfer’s cap.

Woolen Blazers

For winter clothing you can also choose from woolen blazers. They come in different styles which range from casual to formal. Try sticking to dark colors like navy blue, dark grey or brown, light colors tend to get dirty easily and may look dirty even when they are not. A combination such as blue jeans, white shirt and a navy blue woolen blazer is definitely going to be eye catching.

Linen Blazers

Blazers made of linen are a good option for hot or tropical seasons and can be worn as casual wear blazers. Linen is lightweight and allows you to feel the breeze. Linen blazers range from casual to smart casual and come in a host of colors & styles. From relax fitting to slim fit, they make you feel light and comfortable.  When it comes to matching your shoes with them, choose light shoes like loafers, moccasins or sneakers. You can even wear these blazers with a T-shirt and shorts. 

There is an exhaustive set of options available for you when it comes to winter blazers and what style you choose to wear is ultimately your own decision however you should always make sure that you chose the right style and color which complements your body type and look. 

Types of Blazer Styles 

Sport style blazers, often called sport coats are more on the casual side and as their name suggests are mostly for outdoor sports.  You can consider them as half sportswear and half suit. It is usually kept single breasted and wearing them to a semi-formal or formal gathering will not be such a good idea. Wearing them with matching pants is also a big No. They usually look good with sneakers and other sports shoes.

Suit jackets, as the name suggests are more formal and resemble the jacket of a proper matching suit. You can choose to wear matching pants with them or contrast your style by selecting other colors that go together but by definition it is supposed to be a one color suit. They are single-breasted normally and have three to two buttons. The double breasted version would have somewhere around four to six buttons. They would either have flap pockets or welt pockets.

Original blazers are stitched in two ways. A two-button single breasted type and a six-button double breasted type. They have patch pockets. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion & styling, that’s exactly the principle of blazers. The above are not the only categories in which blazers are available and in the end it is you who decide what is casual or formal for you.

Some cloth brands now offer you the option of customizing your blazers. So if you want your desired fit blazer you can choose from different fabrics, styles and patterns. Customized blazers give you the option of getting exactly what you want in the size that fits you best and colors that match your skin tone. At BTW, you can check all the variety we have in blazers that come in different styles, colors and materials. Also be sure to check the sale 2020 section for some pleasant surprises. The buying process is simple and user friendly to give you a satisfying experience. 

Blazers on Sale

You can take advantage of the upcoming 11 11 sale and the blessed Friday sale to get cheap blazers. Avail amazing discounts on custom blazers, imported fabric blazers, blazer coats, etc from BTW men’s blazers sale. The best pieces are going fast, so do not waste more time. There is a large variety available including men's fashion blazers, winter blazers for men, men’s slim fit blazers, blazer coats, etc. The discounts range from 30% to 50% and even 70%. How cool is that? This is the best time to get your favorite blazers at the most reasonable prices.  Do not miss it!